We both feel so privileged and happy to have the opportunity to go for broke and to bet all of our marbles on each other. We both feel that God has given us the opportunity to become more like Him through this relationship, and to see the ways that He cares for us so tenderly in the gift of another person's love.

We hope that our wedding day expresses this, above everything else. The modern American wedding has a lot of moving parts, but in the midst of that we hope that the day reflects who we really are and what we care about - the same things that brought us together.


Here are the things that we hold in common and that we hope you experience on our wedding day.

Honor to God
A wedding is a sober thing - it is perhaps the most radical step we will ever take. A wedding should reflect the sanctity and weightiness of this lifelong commitment. But it should also be real and joyful - a moment of pure joy and gratitude to God for the gift of love and relationship that he has given so freely. We hope this moment stands within our daily, quotidian lives - coming naturally from our faith now and shaping our faith to come.

Honor of family
We dearly love our parents, siblings, and families. The photos in our family stories reflect how new families are knit together through marriage. Through marriage the old is preserved and new things are begun. The immediate family with all its joy, sorrow, silliness, and daily tasks is a very profound instantiation of God's love. We are looking forward to gathering both our families at this wedding and expressing our love and gratitude to them.

Invitation of community
Community of friends and family is very important to us. We believe God uses our community to preserve and mature marriage. We hope that everyone we invite to the wedding will commit to prayer, love, and continuing friendship in support of what God has done in our lives and our new family. You are part of what makes this marriage a new creation.

Hospitality and warmth
We believe that a wedding reception is, together with our families, a new couple's first act of hospitality. We are busy creating a new home, and we want our wedding meal and celebration to be warm, hospitable, and the first reflection of the open home we want to have.


Day and time
Sunday, September 21st - The last day of summer
Refreshments will be served at 1:30pm.
The ceremony will begin at 2:00pm.
Dinner will follow shortly after the ceremony.

Where to find us
The wedding and reception will be held at the Venue at Smith Bros' in Columbus, Ohio. You can see more here at our Directions and Venue Info page.

The ceremony will be held outside - we're praying that the weather will be beautiful!

How long will the wedding last?
We know that many of you are driving a long way to be with us. We'll wrap things up around 6pm and send you on your way (hopefully happy and well-fed!)

The wedding meal
Expect to be fed from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave! We are planning a harvest feast to begin shortly after the ceremony concludes. September is the golden moment of harvest, and many of our favorite foods are at their peak. At least one item on the menu will be homemade by Faith.

(Also, if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or have some sort of severe food allergy, please note that on your RSVP. )

What to wear
Anything that makes you feel pretty (or handsome) , festive, and comfortable.

What to bring
Have something to say about Mike or Faith, or an old family photo to share? Bring it! We'll have a table full of family photos.

We'll also have a photo booth - a spot for guests to take their own pictures in a variety of poses both solemn and silly. If you have a favorite hat, favorite prop, or something else you'd like to have show up in a photo from you to us, bring that too!

Children are welcome.
Please just let us know the total number of guests, including children, on your RSVP.